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The first blog is always the hardest but we are here!


Welcome to Peridot Wellness! If you don't know already know about us (you can of course read more on our site) we are a natural integrated whole health clinic/studio in Toronto, Canada. Our teachers and practitioners are highly skilled in their fields but what makes us different is that we work together to take care of you from the inside out.

We believe that our health is a life long journey that we have to consistently work at throughout our lifetime. Wellness shouldn't be a chore or confusing, but rather a few simple, enjoyable, easy things we do for ourselves each day to help us live a higher quality of life. We believe it is our job is to help you avoid the medical system, but if things go that way we are here to support you alongside your treatments.

This blog is a space where we will share some of the knowledge we have on health topics. It does not substitute personal medical/health advice. We have a monthly newsletter, Peridot Pages that we send out once a month to our subscribers. It has everything from studio updates, staff introductions, seasonal health topics, and meditation/workout tips! We have had great feedback on our newsletter, so we will be using this platform to add popular articles for you to read anytime! We will also include tasty recipes, workouts and interesting articles! If you are interested in the full newsletter, you can subscribe on our main page.

Thanks for following along and we can't wait to hear what you think!



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