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Naturopathic Medicine

The naturopathic philosophy addresses individual health from a holistic perspective—including mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well as the physical body—in order to promote whole-person healing. A naturopathic doctor uses a comprehensive health history, laboratory testing, and careful physical examinations in order to determine the root cause of a diagnosis. From there, they determine the natural therapies that will best enable the body to heal, while working collaboratively and thoughtfully with your other health care practitioners. The goal of a naturopathic doctor is act as both doctor and teacher, working together with each patient to develop a treatment plan that meets their individual needs.


Photo of naturopath taking notes on paper looking at laptop sitting at small white bistro table in wellness clinic

Conditions Naturopaths Treat 


digestive disorders • hormone imbalance • fatigue • insomnia • migraines & headaches • neck & jaw pain • allergies • skin conditions • male & female fertility • autoimmune & chronic conditions • pelvic pain • incontinence • cardiovascular care • anxiety • depression • grief • post concussive syndrome • cognitive function • metabolic disease & preventative care • peripheral neuropathy • chronic pain & inflammation • postpartum support • UTI's, bacterial vaginosis, & yeast infections • candida • stress & burnout


Natural Therapies

A naturopathic doctor may use a variety of modalities depending on each individual patient's needs. These may include custom botanical medicine prescribing, acupuncture, cupping, dietary supplements, nutritional & lifestyle counselling, and physical medicine including soft tissue & fascial work or pelvic floor physiotherapy. 


Advanced Lab Testing

When appropriate, your naturopathic doctor may want to include diagnostic testing as part of your comprehensive health evaluation. This may include gathering information about your salivary and serum hormones, nutritional biomarkers, as well as environmental and food sensitivities. Additional laboratory testing is always optional. If you are interested, you may discuss which lab tests are indicated for you during your naturopathic consultation.



Women's Health

Our naturopathic doctor has a passion for helping women who feel like their health is out of balance. Whether it's a work-life imbalance leading to anxiety, stress & fatigue, or a hormone imbalance leading to painful periods, migraines & skin conditions, our naturopathic doctor is equipped and ready to help. Reach out if you'd like to learn more!


Perinatal Care

Fertility & perinatal care is another one of our naturopath's passions! There are many ways in which we can help both men and women on their fertility journeys, whatever that may look like. We offer proactive family planning support as well as comprehensive care that compliments any assisted reproductive techniques. If you are pregnant and looking for some support with nausea, pelvic pain, sleep, or just want to feel your best - we are here to support you. We offer comprehensive care for women from conception to birth, the postpartum period and beyond. 


Physical Exams

Based on your initial consultation, our naturopathic doctor may determine that targeted physical examinations are indicated as part of your comprehensive health assessment. These may include an abdominal, cardiovascular, respiratory, and / or neurological exam. If necessary, your naturopathic doctor is also able to perform a women's wellness (including breast and PAP exam) or a male wellness exam (inducing prostate exam).


Natural Medicine Dispensary

At Peridot, your naturopathic doctor will develop an individualized treatment plan which may include a customized natural medicine protocol. At our natural medicine dispensary you will have access to the highest quality professional grade nutraceuticals, hand-picked by our practitioners. As well, your naturopathic doctor may also develop a custom herbal formula in the form or a tea or tincture, made at our clinic from wildcrafted or organic botanicals. You will receive written instructions from your practitioner so you can safely and easily follow your plan, as well as easy access to support if you need it and refills when you're ready!


Pelvic Health

Our naturopathic doctor is certified in Level 2 pelvic floor physical therapy, which may be indicated for anyone (male or female) who is struggling with chronic pelvic pain or incontinence. Pelvic floor therapy may also be beneficial for women in the perinatal phase of life, and may be used as a proactive therapy during pregnancy as well as for recovery purposes in the postpartum phase. Pelvic floor can also benefit males struggling with chronic testicular pain and post-vasectomy pain. 


Couples Fertility Consultation

Fertility is dependant on both partners, and we address it this way! The goal of these appointments are to develop a comprehensive plan to optimize the fertility of both partners. We will discuss diet, lifestyle, and relevant health history, and lab testing may be recommended in order to gain a deeper understanding of each partner's health status. An invoice can be provided for both partners individually. 

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