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CustoM Orthotics

A custom orthotic is a device designed based on your anatomy to help correct biomechanical imbalances.  They are made based on a cast of your feet and placed inside your shoes (resembling an insole).  The idea is similar to glasses where they help to correct imbalances to reduce strain on the body and support re-alignment. They are as comfortable as insoles but with the advantage of being created based on the imprint of your feet.

Why Choose an Orthotic at Peridot Wellness?

At Peridot Wellness we use a foam cast system to take a mold of your feet. We send it to The Orthotics Group, where your orthotics are made specifically for you.  Based on your gait, shoe requirements, and anatomy, your orthotics can be further modified to suit your specific needs. 

Orthotics can be helpful in the treatment of:

Plantar fasciitis • flat feet • heel pain • bunions • metatarsalgia • dropped metatarsals • Morton's neuroma • knee pain • back pain • shin splints • high arches • achilles tendonitis • spurs • etc

* Check your extended healthcare plan as custom orthotics are often included in most packages*

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