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Our Services

We know you want to feel your best from the inside out... our services reflect that. Our compassionate healthcare team has you covered for each stage of your life (and your families lives). We have a special interest in women's health and fertility and birth prep. We specialize in injury recovery and prevention.  We are here each step of the way support and educate you to help you heal yourself. 

The health team at Peridot Wellness is nothing short of spectacular. The healing starts from the moment you're greeted and you walk through the doors - the space is beautiful, bright, and clean. I've been seeing Dr. Meagan Maguire for over 2 years for a variety of different services - my favourite being facial rejuvenation. I'm so happy to have a wonderful health team to take care of my body and my soul. My cup is always filled after I visit Peridot and I highly recommend visiting.


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