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Have you always wanted to try reformer pilates but aren't sure if it is for you?

We believe that moving right and feeling strong and comfortable in your body is key to success and happiness.  Pilates was developed as a system of exercises to improve posture and alignment, rehabilitate injuries, incorporate the breath, focus on the core, improve sport performance and develop a deep sense of body awareness and confidence.  At Peridot Wellness our teachings are rooted in the foundations of Pilates (concentration, control, center, flow, precision and breath) with a contemporary approach.

What can I expect in a Pilates Session at Peridot Wellness?

You can expect a boutique Pilates experience. Our studio is fully equipped with a variety of top of the line apparatuses and props. So whether you book a private, semi-private or group class, you can expect individualized attention. Classes are designed to be catered to the experience level, goals, and needs of the clients in the room. Private sessions are customized to maximize results and fully cater to the clients unique needs and goals.

How do I get Started with Pilates reformer Sessions?

While it is not a requirement, we encourage starting with private or semi private sessions to familiarize yourself with the machine and how to properly execute exercises and engage the right muscles. This along with consistent practice will maximize the benefits that you will feel and see. If you are new to Peridot Wellness but not new to Pilates, we suggest taking advantage of our intro offers to try different classes and meet different instructors to find the best fit for you!

Private Pilates

One-on-one sessions are the ideal way to go because your experience will be 100% tailored to your unique needs. Our sessions begin with a postural analysis and an assessment of your specific goals. No matter what your personal fitness goals are, you can expect to walk away feeling stronger, longer, and more balanced than you came in. Of course, to see lasting results consistent practice is recommended. 


Semi Private Pilates

Semi-Private reformer sessions are a great way to share the experience and cost with a friend! Great for parent and child, friends, couples, coworkers. Can be gifted as well for a special occasion. 

Setting up a weekly date will help to stay active while spending quality time with someone. 

Pairs do not need to be at the same level or experience for both to benefit from the session.


ChiroPractic Rehabilitation

Rehab sessions are designed so that you can support your healing journey with specific-qualitative movement. To book these sessions it is required that you have had an initial chiropractic visit and it has been prescribed as part of your treatment plan in order to receive a chiropractic receipt.


Prenatal and postnatal Pilates

Mom's we see you! Prenatal Pilates is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of the expectant mother whereas Postnatal Pilates focuses on rehab after pregnancy and labour.  Pilates is a safe way to continue moving during pregnancy and help prepare your body for labour.

Post natal pilates focuses on rehab to reconnecting to you to your core and pelvic floor, treat diastatis recti and overall stabilization and strengthening.

120$ Private
130$ Semi Private

Small Group Pilates Classes

If you have not tried our drop-in classes yet... what are you waiting for?! 

Our boutique studio ensures that class sizes are small  (maximum 4 people) so your instructor can see you, and can pay close attention to your form.  We believe that proper movement is medicine, and want you to leave feeling stronger, longer, and more confident in your body.

Our studio is also available for private group classes. Great for team events, bachelorettes, birthdays etc. 

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