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Our reformer pilates classes are intentionally designed to help you get the most out of your sessions.  We offer small boutique style classes to ensure your form is perfect and the workout is tailored to your specific needs, while helping you efficiently achieve your goals.

We do not believe that classes should be 'levelled' as what is considered easy vs challenging will vary from person to person. We do believe that no matter how experienced you are, fundamental classes can be challenging and enjoyable if the machine is set up properly for you to be challenged. 

Our classes are graded according to the level of intricacy of movement. If you are new to pilates, have an active injury, or are pregnant our fundamentals class is a great place to start. The class will focus less on prop selection and movement will easily be modifiable to suit any specific needs. 

Our sculpt and challenge classes will weave in more props and the class will move a quicker pace. We have designed the variety of classes to help you best select which class you would feel most comfortable participating in. 

Reformer Pilates Classes



Suitable for all levels including beginners, injury, rehabilitation, pre and post natal.  Will build on foundational movements and can be progressed for more advanced participants looking for more of a challenge. Fundamental experience is strongly recommended before taking other classes.



Suitable for all levels. We recommend at least one fundamental class or private session to familiarize with the machine. This class is more athletic and energetic than fundamental classes but can be modified to suit most. This class is designed to lengthen and tone the whole body. Suitable for most trimesters, but please consult with your primary care provider first.



Our most challenging reformer class designed to incorporate more advanced movements to sculpt and tone the whole body. Reformer experience is strongly recommended as a prerequisite to the class. May not be suitable for active injuries or beyond the first trimester.


reformer Jump

Low impact cardio jump class. This class incorporates the jumpboard and has a strong cardio component. Come ready to sweat! Reformer experience is strongly recommended for this class. Please consult with your primary care provider if this is advisable for you if you are pregnant.

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