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Dr. eMma Sheehan

Naturopathic Doctor
ND, BA, Acu

Meet Dr. Emma, our Naturopath.  Emma comes to us with a wealth of knowledge on fertility, digestive and hormonal health and keen interest in getting to the root cause of your health concerns. She holds extra certifications in pelvic floor physiotherapy, traditional and facial rejuvenation acupuncture. Her passions include hormones and metabolic health, fertility and perinatal care, and chronic headaches. The perfect compliment to our whole body healing approach! 

Dr. Emma began her training at McGill where she gracefully balanced her studies and being a varsity athlete. Growing up a competitive rower, incorporating a healthy active lifestyle was a non-negotiable for Emma. She learnt at a young age that feeling strong and fuelling your body for what it needs is a foundational building block for life's successes. Upon graduation she volunteered overseas which ultimately led her to a career in health and natural medicine.

Emma studied natural medicine in British Columbia where she developed a fondness for all things natural - namely herbal teas and tinctures and the odd dip into a natural hot spring or glacial river in her birthday suit;)

Her practice is centred around her philosophy that patient education is key. As well as a primary care provider, she aims to be your teacher and advocate as you navigate your health journey. 

You can find her around the studio blending custom teas and tinctures for her clients, eager to help you with your health concerns! Outside of the office she loves hosting friends and family, spending time in nature, and enjoying the best brunch the city has to offer! If you see her around don't hesitate to say hi! 

photo of Dr Emma Sheehan (Naturopath) against white brick wall wearing purple top and floral black blazer

Clinic Hours

T: 1-8
Wed: 4-7

Th: 1-8

*At least one Saturday a month 9-2

Let's connect!

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