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Reiki & Energy Healing

Reiki is a form of energy healing that using life-force energy to clear any blocks or resistances

within our energetic field and raises our sacred vibration. It is a very transformative journey that

aligns you on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. Reiki works with the chakras (energy

centres) and addresses the whole person on all levels.

While Reiki does not replace medical treatment, it does work on the principle that the

emotional body impacts they physical body. When you experience Reiki, you are experiencing

shifts on all levels, and these changes will become noticeable in every aspect of your life.

The primary tool in Reiki is Life Force Energy. Every living thing in the Universe contains life

force energy. When your life force is low, or if there are any restrictions in its flow, your energies

are not in balance and you are more vulnerable to illness. When your life force is high and

flowing freely, you are more in alignment and less likely to suffer from illness.

Reiki & Energy Healing

image of Victoria Saunder reiki master, inuitive and energy healer providing healing services in Toronto at Peridot Wellness

Energy Healing

Energy Healing sessions are rooted in Reiki and blended with other healing modalities to help remove any blocks within your energy field. Treatments are meditative and guided by intuition.

Victoria also has a deep intuitive connection - while working with

your energy, intuitive messages are recieved that can provide you with additional insight and


Reiki Treatment

As someone who had never experienced Reiki before, Victoria is nothing short of amazing. It’s

an understatement to say it was a restorative and illuminating experience that everyone should


Reiki and Energy Healing can address:

Energy levels • mindset• self-worth • balanced living • emotional triggers • relationships • burnout • nervous system regulation • physical health concerns (does not replace medical treatment) • connecting to yourself • spiritual connection

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