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Our boutique studio offers small group, private and semi private yoga experiences. The space is intimate allowing for individualized attention in every class no matter the size. 

Yoga is physical, mental and spiritual practice that emphasizes breath, concentration, strength and balance.  We guide you through a series of postures designed to help you relax in your body and create an awareness through breath.  Our classes are designed for all levels and practice experience. Our slow flows are a great place to start. If you are looking for something a bit more challenging or vigorous, try our energized flow. 

PRivate/Semi Private Yoga

Our private/semi-private yoga sessions are with a certified yoga teacher and certified Athletic Therapist. This is a great way to begin a yoga practice or advance your practice with one-on-one attention.  This is a great way to ensure you are doing the poses correctly to prevent injury and improve strength and flexibility. No experience necessary!

120$ PRivate
130$ Semi Private 

Family/youth Yoga

Looking for a way to get everyone in your family moving? Try our Private Family Yoga! You can book this for your family, book it with another family, or even drop the kids off for a group yoga class and grab a coffee across the road (no one's judging, we all need an hour to ourselves sometimes)!  We will tailor the session to fit all abilities. If you rather a more strength focused class we can do that too. 


Group Classes

At Peridot Wellness we offer a variety of small group yoga classes, that are suitable for all experience levels. 

Our Yoga Flow is a relaxing flow (often candle lit) that is designed to help you sink into relaxation while moving through a series of poses.

Yoga Nidra is more of a meditative yoga - perfect to calm the mind and set you up for a restful sleep. 

Private group sessions are also available!

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