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Sang Ahn

Pilates Instructor
Certified to teach Pilates Mat and Reformer, Yoga, AntiGravity aerial yoga, kids yoga, TEP (Western U)

Sang Ahn, pilates instructor, certified pilates reformer and mat teacher, yoga teacher, AntiGravity aerial yoga, kids yoga, toronto visual artist, hollistic lifestyle, functional training, movement classes, peridot wellness

 Meet Sang, our Pilates instructor. Sang brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her craft. She is a certified Pilates, yoga, AntiGravity movement instructor and visual artist. Sang began her relationship with Pilates and yoga 15 years ago and it has been an integral part of her life. What began as an interest in wellness has grown to inspire her with a deep sense of self-awareness and an appreciation for holistic lifestyle.

She works with clients from all walks of life, from teens to older populations with varying levels of stability and mobility. Her focus during her sessions is to assist the clients to achieve balance, endurance, strength and most importantly, inner awareness. She offers movement classes with compassion, kindness, and understanding of the unique physical needs of her clients. At Peridot Wellness, she draws from such a holistic approach to support clients in their healing journey and in achieving their goals.

When not facilitating movement classes, Sang teaches artistic expression through painting and drawing classes at senior care facilities. Sang is also a tattoo apprentice, an avid rollerblader, and an aspiring kids yoga teacher in-training!

Studio Hours

Sat: 12-2

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