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Dr. Meagan Maguire

Dr. Meagan Maguire, Toronto Chiropractor, Pilates instructor (mat pilates, reformer pilates, exercise rehabilitation, sport therapy), contemporary medical acupuncture provider, facial rejuvenation acupuncture. Treats headaches, migraines, low back pain, sciatica, tennis elbow, golf elbow, running injuries, ankle sprain, disc hernation, rotator cuff injuries, tendonitis, prenatal pilates, post natal pilates, family chiropractor, prental chiropractor, TMJ pain, bursitis, migraines, knee pain, hip pain, posture correction, plantar fasciitis.

Grecia Alaniz

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Dr. Emma Sheehan

Dr. Emma Sheehan, Toronto Naturopath, naturopathic medicine, perinatal care, fertility, pregancy support, hormone health, digestive health, gut health, traditional acupuncture, facial rejuventation acupuncture, metabolic health, chronic headaches, family practice, herbal teas, herbal tinctures, supplement support, primary care provider toronto, pelvic pain

Lauren Bouchard

Lauren Bouchard, toronto wellness, facial cupping, gua sha, facial lymphatic drainage, Peridot Wellness, public health

SunnY Marshall

Sunny Marshall, athletic therapist, Toronto athletic therapy, injury prevention, sport performance, functional movement

Dr. Samantha Billard

Sarah Kimber

Sarah Kimber, the chickpea blondie, wellness blogger, pilates instructor, reformer pilates, integrative health coach, healthy eating, hollistic nutritionist, fitness journey, healthy living

Izumi Ishikawa


Sang AhN

Sang Ahn, pilates instructor, certified pilates reformer and mat teacher, yoga teacher, AntiGravity aerial yoga, kids yoga, toronto visual artist, hollistic lifestyle, functional training, movement classes, peridot wellness


Like the stone Peridot, our mission is to integrate natural therapeutic techniques to help heal the physical body. We use a variety of techniques like acupuncture, fascial release, chiropractic care, naturopathic medicine, soft tissue therapy, mobilization, re-alignment, supplement support, custom blended teas and tinctures, taping and supportive bracing.  We strive to bring the body back into balance (from the inside out) and then strengthen and maintain with pilates, yoga, and traditional strength based movements.  

When the body is in balance and free of pain, it promotes elevated mood and a calm nervous system.  Exercise as we know, also releases endorphins and has been proven to boost creativity.


Our approach strives to balance your nervous system and get you out of your sympathetic fight or flight state and into a parasympathetic rest and digest state. This will bring a restful mind, better sleeps, accelerated healing, improved digestion and overall better balance.

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