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Natural TherapeuticS

Chiropractic Care

Our treatments are based on function. On your first visit we do a thorough assessment to get to the root cause of your issue. This means we take into account your posture, movement patterns, what is happening internally and your lifestyle as these all often factor into why you are feeling the way that you do.  From there we use a multimodal treatment approach to not only address your pain but to help prevent it from happening again.


Our treatments can include manual care(ART, fascial release, trigger point therapy), mobilizations (getting the joints moving), acupuncture, taping if necessary and exercise therapy. 

Our standard treatments are 40 minutes so that we can provide you with the best care in the shortest amount of time. We highly recommend this treatment for the most effective and efficient care. If you prefer a shorter treatment time - no worries! Feel free to book either a soft tissue treatment alone (no acupuncture) or acupuncture alone for the ultimate relax session. 

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Naturopathic Medicine

Doctor Emma Sheehan Toronto naturopath focusing on natural hormone balancing, fertility, perinatal care, family medicine and stress management.

Naturopathic medicine is a system that uses natural remedies to get to the root cause of your symptomatology and help your body heal itself.  Your visit is designed so that you feel comfortable sharing all of your health concerns and feel that your needs are being addressed. It is important to us that you understand what is going on and feel educated and empowered in the process.


 Naturopathic care is great for lifestyle optimization, preventative medicine, as well as acute and chronic conditions. At Peridot Wellness we take a special interest in fertility, pelvic floor therapy, hormonal balance, stress reduction and energy optimization!

Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy is a hands on manual therapy practice that addresses movement based issues. At Peridot Wellness, we integrate a physical assessment and movement analysis to create an individualized treatment plan for you.  Your follow up visits may consist of manual therapy or exercise therapy/conditioning. The most effective treatment plans of course blend both active and passive care!

Athletic therapy is great for pre and post surgical rehabilitation, for generalized aches/pains/injury management, sport rehabilitation and return to play, postural imbalances, performance optimization, specific fitness goals and concussion management. 


Our manual care is provided one on one, however our movement based sessions can be done either privately or with a friend/spouse/child/co-worker/family member! Why not do your training with a friend?

Downtown Toronto athletic therapist specializing in sport performance, posture, injury rehab and pre-post surgical rehabilitation


At Peridot Wellness we are here to support your fertility, pre and post natal journey.  From preconception we  provide natural fertility methods to help you establish a healthy pregnancy. We work with both partners and customize a plan for both individual concerns and timelines. We also offer support for families who are using assisted reproduction techniques including IVF or IUI to achieve pregnancy.

We are here to support you through pregnancy and beyond. We offer naturopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, manual care, and pre and post natal pilates and exercise training. 

Regular care will help prevent and treat discomfort, pain and prepare you for labour.  After delivery we are here to help you recover and reconnect with your body.  Our approach is consistent and natural. 

Prenatal reformer Pilates in Toronto

Pelvic Health



At Peridot Wellness we often incorporate acupuncture with chiropractic treatments as it helps to calm the nervous system, reduce pain, improve the circulation and speed up the healing process at the cellular level. Acupuncture is an ancient eastern medicine tool that has been adapted into western medicine practices. At Peridot Wellness we blend eastern and western medical approaches for a comfortable, relaxing treatment outcome. 

Acupuncture is the painless insertion of thin needles to stimulate the bodies natural healing mechanisms.  It is incorporated in injury management, stress management and cosmetic treatments. We highly encourage giving it a try! 

A naturopathic approach to pelvic pain can diagnose and treat acute and chronic conditions relating to the pelvis. Some conditions include urinary tract infections (UTI), overactive bladder and interstitial cystitis (inflammation of the bladder), urinary incontinence and loss of bladder control.

Pelvic pain can be the result of a disruption in your reproductive, digestive, or urinary systems. It can also be caused by the muscles and ligaments of the pelvic floor anatomy. At Peridot Wellness you can expect a thorough assessment in order to determine the root cause of your pelvic and urinary symptoms. We use an integrated approach to treatment to best suit your individual needs.

Acupuncture point spleen 6. Used for labor induction, irregular menstrual cycle, dysmenorrhea, metorrhagia, amenorhea, prolapse usterus, postpartum faintness, infertility, premature ejaculation, penis pain, hernia, edema, dysuria, spleen and stomach deficiencies, diarrhea, skin diseases, insomnia, headaches, msucle pain. Good for digestive, emotional and gynecological conditions.
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facial rejuvenation acupunture treatment as a natural alternative to botox. Look younger.

Paediatric, Youth and teen care

At Peridot Wellness, we treat the whole family. We believe that it is vital to set children up for long term health for overall success.  Health as we know is multifaceted and at Peridot Wellness we acknowledge this and know that each child may need slightly different care. Our multidisciplinary team is here to help keep your whole family healthy. Here are a few ways we can help your kids:

Naturopathic care: Wellness checkups, age specific dietary advice and supplementation, digestive issues, seasonal allergies, food intolerances, brain fog and concentration issues, concussion management, skin concerns, sport and performance optimization, general health concerns. 

Chiropractic care: injury diagnosis/management/treatment, postural concerns, x-ray referrals, concussion management, growth related concerns, sport specific concerns and performance optimization, acute injuries, gait analysis, maintenance and wellness checks.

Athletic therapy: Exercise conditioning, sport specific movement development, support and treat symptoms resulting from growth and development, promote physical literacy, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, improve mobility/flexibility/strength/posture/body awareness and balance. 

FAciaL rejuvenation acupunture 

Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture has become a popular treatment amongst celebrities, women and men of all ages! This natural treatment works with our own bodies repair mechanisms to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, dark circles, jowls, acne and much more! 


 It can be used in a series of treatments as a natural alternative to botox and fillers or a one off to help even out the skin tone and give that healthy glow everyone is trying to achieve!

We can work with you to achieve your skincare goals and can work alongside other practitioners to help your skin radiate to its fullest! Feel free to ask us any questions you have about our favourite, super relaxing treatment - we love talking about it!

downtown toronto paedatric, youth, teen and child development and sport performance
Athletic Therapy downtown Toronto for kids and teens for sport performance, postural strain and healthy development
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