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Meet the Brilliant, compassionate, educated Healthcare team at Peridot Wellness

At Peridot Wellness, our priority is your WHOLE health. We take a functional approach to healthcare where we aim to get to the root cause of your symptomatology and provide you with integrated natural solutions. We work as a team to treat you as a whole unique bio-individual rather than separate systems or chase symptoms. We aim to educate and empower our patients each step of the way.

Our healthcare team addresses what is happening on the inside and out. We take a comprehensive and detailed intake taking into account not only what you are presenting but what you have been through in the past with your health. Our aim is to provide you with options and support to help your reach your ultimate health goals. Our team is educated, innovative, compassionate, thorough, detail-oriented and approachable. Our clinic is a safe space designed to take care of you. You will leave each appointment feeling empowered to take care of your health as the captain of your healthcare team. 

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